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Fall in Texas is ragweed season.  Other fall weeds are also plentiful resulting in frequent and long lasting symptoms for patients sensitive to their pollen.  Cedar and the other juniper family trees pollinate in the hill country from November through January in the more temperate climates.

During fall, preventive care is important.  Asthma in particular seems to increase as allergens rise and temperatures cool.  Be sure to continue your prescribed allergy and asthma controller therapy throughout this time of year and ensure your supply of  “rescue” medications.

Flu vaccinations become available each fall and are an important means of disease prevention. Please obtain the type of flu vaccine appropriate for you as early as possible. Remember, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the vaccine to take effect.  Taking it too late increases the likelihood of natural flu exposure and subsequent illness.  You cannot get the flu from the injectable forms of flu vaccination and they have been shown to reduce the number of “colds per season” in the recipient.  Yearly flu vaccinations are the best way to ensure consistent immunity from these deadly forms of infection.

Holidays during the fall season are some of the most traveled, so remember to keep enough medicine refilled to carry you through each of them.



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