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Insect Stings


A cause of life threatening allergic emergencies, insect stings occur worldwide in all age groups.  In Texas, fire ants stings are the leading cause of insect sting related fatal allergic reactions.  Diagnostic testing can determine whether symptoms observed were actually from fire ant allergy or other potential causes. 

Fortunately effective “desensitization” therapy exists in the form of fire ant allergy shots.  This therapy has been demonstrated to decrease the likelihood of serious adverse reactions upon repeat sting events.

Symptoms that alert the allergist that allergy testing and potential therapy is needed, include any of the following noted soon after a sting event;

Hives                  Swelling of the face or hands                        Difficulty breathing

Abdominal pain            Vomiting                                    Drop in Blood Pressure

Should you experience any of the above symptoms following an insect sting contact an allergist immediately.  Life saving therapy is available.           

To view more information on insect stings, Click here.



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