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Allergic Rhinitis


A seasonal or perennial set of symptoms including any or all of the following;

itchy/watery eyes sneezing nasal stuffiness and drainage
post-nasal drip cough headache or fatigue

Symptoms are triggered by airborne allergens, sensitivity to which can be detected on simple skin scratch testing or, if needed, ImmunoCap testing from a blood sample (see the descriptions of allergy testing on this web site).

Medications such as antihistamines, decongestants and nasal sprays may only alleviate symptoms temporarily but can be very useful making symptoms tolerable when combined with allergen avoidance measures.

Allergy immunotherapy is another very effective therapy for allergic rhinitis.  There is a more detailed description of this therapy on this web site or www.aaaai.org.  This therapy is not needed for everyone with allergies.  Conservative allergists use this therapy as a second or third line therapy should allergen avoidance and medications fail to control symptoms.  Allergy drops have not yet been FDA approved for use in the United States therefore credible trained allergists do not yet utilize them in the treatment of allergic rhinitis.  The drops now given by some practitioners are a much diluted version of European extracts and fail often.  All Seasons Allergy Center welcomes those patients who have failed to get relief or experienced adverse reactions to allergy drops.



Non-allergic rhinitis results in all of the same symptoms as allergic rhinitis but is triggered by irritants in the air rather than allergens.  Pollution, particulate matter, ozone, cleaning agents, odors and weather/temperature changes can all result in nasal symptoms.

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