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Acute or chronic sinusitis is a frequent result of both allergic rhinitis and immune system dysfunction.  Request a specialist evaluation from an allergist or otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) if you require multiple antibiotic courses for sinusitis.  X-rays, C.T. scans, rhinoscopy and cultures can be performed to more precisely determine your best course of action against chronic infections.  Recently the development of nebulized antibiotics inhaled through the nose has provided another useful tool in the treatment of chronic or severe sinus infections.

Symptoms of headache, facial pain, nasal drainage and fatigue may result from infection of the sinuses but often have other causes.  So if you suffer with these symptoms on a regular or frequent basis, don’t settle for “another round of antibiotics” until you have looked deeper with one of the diagnostic tests listed above. 

Often simple solutions can be found to the most bothersome problems, one must only look.  But remember to those with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  Seek consultation with someone possessing a vast toolbox with which to work.

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