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All allergens except a few fall weeds are pollinating during our Texas springtime.  Most lighter tree pollens are wind blown for pollination creating heavy pollen counts.  The diversity of tree pollen also offers a number of allergen sources though not all trees produce allergenic pollen.  The yellow or green layer of pollen from the large number of yellow pine trees in the Houston area is too large to be an effective allergen.  It is however an irritating particle and our visual clue that spring has arrived.  The actual allergy symptoms arise from the twenty or so other trees pollinating at the same time.   More temperate days lead to increased outdoor activities and subsequently increased allergy exposure.  If not yet started, resume your preventive allergy medications early (by Valentines Day) to prevent allergy symptoms.

Ocular allergies occur more frequently in spring complicating therapy and resulting in absences from work and school.  Spring break provides no break from seasonal allergies so be sure to pack enough allergy/asthma medications to enjoy your entire break.  Don’t leave medications in luggage kept easily accessible by curious little hands.



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