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This short period of time, here in Texas, is when “colds” and the Flu are our most bothersome.  Other viral infections are common during this season as well, making good hand-washing and good nutrition, essential for your best chance of fighting these infections.  Allergies, especially indoor allergies, persist during winter and often seem worse due to the limitations on or outdoor time. 

January 1st is the perfect time to resolve to redouble allergen avoidance measures.  This means checking HEPA filters, dust mite covers, cleaning carpet, etc.  Be sure to check with your primary care physician regarding illnesses during this season.  Symptoms that persist may be allergy related but should respond to your regular allergy medicine or therapy.

Those with seasonal spring allergies need to start or restart their preventive allergy and asthma therapy.  These may include steroid nasal sprays or inhaled medication.  Should you need further instruction on your preventive therapies, winter is a good time to schedule a “preventive” check up with our office BEFORE the busy spring allergy season. These visits allow more time to focus on preventing symptoms, medication review, adding or weaning of medications from your regimen.  Valentine’s Day often marks the beginning of our spring season and is a good date to remember to restart your spring allergy medications. 

Over the busy holiday season travel is common.  Remember out of town guests may bring their own medications.  A good host provides a place to keep these medications out of the hands of small children.  Another important tip is to remind your guests of any food allergies you or your family may suffer and request they relax and leave the holiday meal planning to you.



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